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Voortrekker - a school rich in tradition

In April 1918 the East Rand School Council instructed the Secretary to establish how many Afrikaans speaking learners past standard five were living on the Rand.  If there were a sufficient number, an Afrikaans medium school would be established.

The Secretary’s figures were sufficient and, through the hard work of dominee J.M Louw, the OOSRANDSE HOLLANDSE MEDIUM HOËRSKOOL was established on the 29th January, 1920.  The school started in Noddy’s Bar with 67 learners and 6 educators.  Mr. S.P. van Wyk was the active principal.  At the start of the second quater mr. A.M Muller became the first permanent principal.  At the start of the third quater the school was re-named Hoërskool Voortrekker.  In 1922 the school relocated to a shop in the Morris-arkade.

In 1923 mr A.E. du Toit became the new principal and shortly afterwards the erection of a permanent school building began.

On 30th July, 1924, the school building was officially inaugurated by professor J.H. Hoffmeyer, Administrator of Transvaal.

Learners from all over the East Rand came to Voortrekker – some by train, others on bicycle and many on foot.  The school was the only Afrikaans High School on the Rand until Helpmekaar and Monument ws established about one year later.  The first edition of the annual “Die Voortrekker” was published in October 1929.  Dr. A.E. du Toit retired on pension on Wednesday, 21st March 1951, and was succeeded by mr. G.A.B. Dykman on 31st July 1951.  When mr.was promoted to inspector of Education at the end of the third quater mr. Cor Dirks became the acting principal until mr. J.P. van der Vyfer became the new principal as from the third quater, 1954. When mr. van der Vyfer was also promoted to inspector of Education, mr. T.S. Welman became active principal. He was made permanent on 1st July 1957.

Mr.C.J Joubert became principal on 1 August 1978. He was succeeded by mr. C.P. Viljoen on 31st July 1990. Mr M.P van Heerden became principal on 1st July 1993.

In 1935 the collection of funds to build a hall started. Building work started in July 1936; and on 9 December 1938, the hall was officially opened. On the same day the Anton van Wouw’s basreleief on the southern wall of the hall was unveiled.

Due to several factors the school became a parallel medium school in 1999. Hoërskool Voortrekker is an English medium public school from 2020.



The school today

The school consists of three buildings. The old building is called the “Ark” and the new building the “Kasteel” or “Castle”. The most recent buildings are the Science and Biology laboratories. Near the railway lines there is the Wood and Metalwork Centre. New administrative buildings were erected in 1976 and are adjacent to the new T.S. Welman Hall. The old hall has been transfromed into a modern gymnastics hall.

We are very proud of the fact that we are the oldest Afrikaans High School in the PWV-area. Through the years our school has won several imposing achievements and produced a number of prominent public figures.
We are the only parallel medium school in Boksburg.

We not only bridge the gap between the different races in our community, but also bridges the gap to equip your child for the new South africa.

The school badge

The school badge was designed by mr. Saville Davis (former manager of ERPM). In 1932 the badge form was accepted and the first were imported from Switzerland. In the same year teh new colours (blue, green and yellow) were accepted and the motto “Voorwaarts” was changed to “Vorentoe”


At the top is the ox-wagon which is a symbol of the Afrikaner nation and its rise. The mealies are symbolic of the Highveld of Transvaal. The gold mine is the source of our income and represents Boksburg on our badge.